Accommodation in Vancouver

While you study and learn English in Canada, it is very important to live in a nice place. Our language school, inlingua Vancouver, offers several options for international students: Homestay, Rooming and Student Houses. All of them are good, safe and convenient.

inlingua Vancouver seems like a second home to many of our students. Still, after a long day of studying English at inlingua Vancouver and going on activities with your new friends around Vancouver, you'll need some real accommodation to take a rest.

It is a very good idea to stay in accommodation with a Canadian family for all or part of your stay in Vancouver, Canada. Homestay or Rooming will allow you to see the city, make friends, learn how to get around and do things by yourself. Homestay accommodation is possible for couples, in a shared room, or for 2 students who want to share a room.

In addition to Homestay, we can also offer accommodation in our inlingua Student Houses, a good alternative for independent students, 19 years old and over.

Some students may prefer to rent or share an Apartment with one or more students of the same nationality or cultural background. They will have less intense contact with Canadians, Canadian culture and an English-immersion environment. This may be an option for students who are concerned about culture shock. However, inlingua does not recommend this type of accommodation for students who wish to improve their language skills and get the most advantage from their stay in Vancouver, Canada.

Vancouver hotels in downtown Vancouver may be a good option for students who want to a great location and the convenience of a wide range of amenities. Dormitories or hostels are also good accommodation for travelers and tourists staying in Vancouver on a budget.


At a Homestay, students live, eat, and socialize with Canadians in a comfortable environment.

We work with professional companies dedicated to arranging the best accommodation for students in Vancouver. These companies have a large selection of families available in Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Burnaby. All municipalities are located within 45 minutes of downtown Vancouver.

Homestay Fees (2015)

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Description    Price, (CAD)   

Homestay Placement Fee

For students 17 years old and over (non refundable)


Homestay Fees Full Board

3 meals per day, single room per 4 weeks / 17+ (extra week – 200, extra night – 30)


Homestay Fees Half Board

2 meals per day, single room per 4 weeks / 17+ (extra week – 187.5, extra night – 29)


Homestay Placement Fee Minors

For students 16 years old and under (non refundable)


Homestay Fees Minors

3 meals per day, single room per 4 weeks / 16- (extra week – 212.5, extra night – 32)


Notarized Custodianship

For minor students

Optional - Private Bathroom * per 4 weeks 100
Optional - Closer to School * per 4 weeks 50
Optional - Private TV * per 4 weeks 25
Internet Access * Free in most homestays

* Homestay Special Requests (per 4 weeks), not guaranteed, subject to availability.

Airport reception and transportation to accommodation (Airport pick up) — 90 CAD.
Transportation to airport on day of departure (Airport drop off) — 70 CAD.


Airport Pick Up + Drop Off — 160 CAD.

Our Homestay Coordinators

They will assign you a Canadian family to make your experience in Canada complete, fulfilling and safe. Remember that your Homestay Coordinator is always available for you to talk to, to get advice from, and to answer all your Homestay concerns.

Our Homestay Families

Our families are very good. inlingua Vancouver and our homestay coordinators use families who take a genuine joy and interest in doing Homestay and are happy to have students in their homes. We will place you in a house with a Canadian family, no more than 45 minutes from inlingua Vancouver campuses, and who speak English as their main language at home. We can guarantee that there will be no more students who speak your same language. You can enjoy meals at home because you will be one of the family members.

How do we coordinate your Homestay?

We will assign you only to families who enjoy doing homestay and have enough time for each one of their students.

You will receive three (or two) meals a day, a private room with a desk and a closet, towels, and linens.

Our families use English as their main language. Canada is a country of immigrants where you will find families of all origins, races and religions. We respect and pride ourselves of the cultural diversity of our families. In all of them, the main language is English.

All families have passed a rigorous selection process and we often visit them to guarantee their quality.

NP Homestay & Students - Contact Information in Vancouver

Homestay Coordinators:
Angela Consiglio - Tel: 604 317 2251
Rosanna Cacic - Tel: 604 418 4444
Fax: +1 (604) 484-2424
Email: Homestay Coordinators
Visit our Facebook page - click here.

Potential families, please download our Homestay Family Application Form for new Families. Fill it out and email it to our homestay coordinators directly. Only after you are visited and pass our coordinators' inspection, you will be able to receive our students. Please understand the normal cycles of the ESL industry. There are more students coming in the summer than in any other season.


Private Rooms in houses and sometimes apartments out of the downtown area are also available. This is an excellent option if you are looking for more privacy and want to live with other Canadians (normally immigrants from The Philippines) without the constraints of Homestay.

Rooms are available in several areas of the city, most within 30 minutes of downtown. Rooms are normally private but couples may share a room too, subject to availability. Students in rooming will share the whole house with the Canadian family and the other students, including a communal kitchen area for food preparation, a living room and either a shared or private washroom. This option does not include meals/board.

Because it does not include meals, its price is lower than Homestay. Students must make a budget for food preparation and eating out in restaurants.

For Rooming, the same instructions, rules and policies apply as in homestay. In general you must be considerate, respectful and know that you are sharing a space with other people.

Rooming Fees

Description    Price, (CAD)   

Rooming Placement Fee

For students 19 years old and over


Rooming Fees

No food / single room per 4 weeks / 19+ (extra week – 137.5, extra night – 22)


Please click here to download a Accommodation Feedback Form. Let us know what you think about your rooming.


STUDENT HOUSE (dormitory) 

Shared Rooms in student houses / dormitories located in zone 1, around 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver. This is a good option for independent students who want to live with other international students from inlingua, know how to cook, understand the rules and limitations of sharing a space with others and are over 19 years old.

Our student houses accommodate 12 to 15 international students per house, all of them attending inlingua, and are a good alternative if you are independent. Please note that there are rules and limitations. This type of accommodation is not available for couples. Once students graduate from inlingua must move out of their student house.

This option does not include meals/board. Students must make a budget for food preparation in the house and eating out in restaurants. Availability is limited.

For the student house rules, policies and more details, please click here.

Visit our Facebook page - click here.

Student House Fees

Description    Price, (CAD)   

Student House Placement Fee

For students 19 years old and over


Student House Fees

No food / shared room per 4 weeks / 19+ (extra week – 137.5, extra night – 22)

Security Deposit (50 are refundable subject to the student house general rules) 100



  1. ON THE FIRST INVOICE: inlingua Vancouver will charge to Students only the First 4 weeks of Accommodation plus the following fees: Accommodation Placement Fee, Airport Pickup if applicable, and Airport Drop-off if applicable. Any additional days or periods of 4-weeks will be paid to inlingua Vancouver, in advance. We make exceptions to this policy if requested by the agent or the student.
  2. PLACEMENT FEE: The Placement fee is non-refundable after the application has been received and the student has received a placement. Only if the student has visa problems and can prove them, the placement fee will be refunded.
  3. REFUNDS: The Accommodation Fees paid in advance will be refunded according to this table.

    Refund Policy Before Arrival After Arrival
    2 weeks Notice 100% Refund No Penalty
    Less than 2 weeks

    100% Refund minus 2 weeks Penalty,

    unless you have visa problems and can prove them

    2 weeks Penalty
  4. PERIODS OF 4 WEEKS: One 4-week period is to be understood as 28 nights, inclusive.
  5. NIGHTS: Students are charged according to a per night basis (not per day) or per week basis.
  6. ABOUT PICK-UP AND DROP-OFF: Airport Reception (pick up) and drop off fee is non-refundable after students arrival in Canada, even if the service is later declined.
  7. FLIGHT INFORMATION: Arrival information including airline, flight, date and time must be received at least 72 hours before arrival. Otherwise Airport Reception fee will be charged.
  8. NOTICE TO MOVE OUT IS REQUIRED: Students need to give a minimum of 2 weeks notice to their families.
  9. 2 WEEKS CHARGE: Students who decide to leave the Homestay or Rooming early, before finishing their reserved period of accommodation, and don't give the 2 week notice will have to pay 2 weeks of accommodation.
  10. NO DROP-OFF: Students who decide to leave the Homestay or Rooming before finishing their reserved period of accommodation, will not receive the service of airport drop-off.
  11. SHORT EXTENSION: Homestay extensions of less than one week beyond the period reserved on their application are not subject to an extension fee.
  12. LONG EXTENSION: Homestay extensions of more than one week beyond the period reserved on their application are subject to an extension fee (50% Homestay Placement Fee, 120).This fee will not apply if students extend within 2 weeks of their arrival date in Canada and as long as the same family is still available. If the current family is not available and the student decides to extend, a 50% Homestay Placement Fee, 120, will be charged, and the student will move to a new family. The student will cover the costs of transportation to the new family.
  13. POSTPONEMENT: Postponements or delays of arrival greater than one week, with less than 10 days notice before scheduled arrival, will result in the loss of the original placement fee (i.e. students must pay a second placement fee), and loss of guarantee of the original family reservation.
  14. CHANGE IN ARRIVAL TIME: In the event of changed or delayed flight time on the day of arrival, the student is responsible to contact their Accommodation Coordinator directly, inlingua Vancouver as well as their family, to inform them of the change. Failure to do so may result in no pick-up, as well as the loss of the reception fee.
  15. FAMILY IS NOT AVAILABLE: If under exceptional circumstances the initial Homestay family or Room becomes unavailable, an alternate family meeting the same criteria will be arranged.
  16. MINOR STUDENTS: Students or students' relatives aged 16 and under will pay extra Homestay fees. If special documents are necessary to be issued in Canada, additional charges will apply.
  17. SHARED ROOMS: A shared room in a Homestay costs 700 CAD per person per 4-week period in homestay full board, or 650 CAD per person per 4-week period in homestay half board. Both students will pay 100% regular Placement Fee, 240 each.
  18. CHANGES OF HOMESTAY / ROOMING: Changes in Accommodation are addressed on an individual basis. We always try to please students and at the same time help them to understand cultural differences and house rules that can be logically accepted without the need for a change. We follow our dispute resolution policy and will direct communication between student and the family. If this does not solve the issue, we will talk to the family and the student and try to reach an agreement. If this does not solve the issue, we will initiate a change of homestay / rooming.


Some students prefer to live in apartments in downtown Vancouver. They usually rent a furnished place with 2 or 3 students who are staying in Vancouver around the same time and dates. They share all expenses and responsibility for the furniture, appliances and bills. Students themselves find these apartments. inlingua does not get involved in any arrangement and can not guarantee anything.

Staying at a Homestay, Rooming or inlingua Student House will provide you with a nice and convenient place to temporarily live if you plan to share an apartment in downtown with other students. So for 1 month or two while you look for your independent apartment, you can learn about the Canadian culture and practice your English by living in a Homestay, Rooming or inlingua Student House.


There are several dormitories or hostels close to our school. Hostels are informal and cheap hotels for young tourists, usually younger than 25 years old and for a limited time. Prices range from 25 to 50 dollars per night, without meals. Please visit their websites to explore this type of accommodation.


There are many hotels close to our school. The price per night ranges from 90 to 500 dollars per night, depending on the time of the year, location, amenities, etc. Please visit Tourism Vancouver official website or contact them directly to book your accommodation.